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 The Hidden Route

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PostSubject: The Hidden Route   The Hidden Route I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 09, 2010 2:04 pm


Pokemon fan-fic it is X)

Prolouge- Trainers invade!

For these pokemon, life was about to get rough.
" Evee! Get out of there!" Floatzel looked around nervously, he could hear the humans coming " EVEE!"
Evee comes out from a hole in the tree, a mouse in her jaws " Lets go!" Her voice was muffled. They raced rough the forest, heavy steps pounding behind them.
" Hide here! Ill be up ahead in the lake!" Floatzel says, Evee nods and hides under the roots Floatzel had indicated. Floatzel Rushes ahead and leaps into a deep lake, He swam till the bottom, and lay there silent. He could see shadows over the water, Most of humans, but then, the shape of a Shinx on a leash appeared
" Shock! NO!" The shape was thrown into what looked like a cage, and Shock was taken away.
Floazel sped to the surface but Shock was gone, He looked up at the stars, Where is he?
Then a Raquazas face appeared, Floatzel nearly choked on nothing.
" Do not be afraid young one, Shock is safe, but not for long, it is your turn now....." The voice was gentle, but hoarse, it soothed Floatzels nerves and fears. The Raquazas face faded away.
By this time, The Pokemon of of the Hidden Route were gathering around, mourning Shock
" Hes not gone, is he?" Evee's hopeful voice sounded behind Floatzel
" No, not yet..."

Chap. 1- The beggining

Hi, I am Floatzel, About a month ago a Raquaza told me I could save my best friend Shock. With Raquaza telling me that i thought it would be easy. I wish.
Me Evee are the only to know, not Raquaza requested tat or anything, i just felt it wouldnt e a good idea to tell anyone else.
We pokemon are not organized to the humans but the humans dont know everything. Ill tell you about yesterday, that should give you a grasp on what our organization is like.
I was coming back to camp from a prey-hunt with session with Luxray( I like to call him Storm) and Evee. We ran to the beach where the pack was gathered. The pack is a loosely connected group of pokemon working together. The problem was, we arent alone, there are at least 7 other packs in the Hidden Route. We entered a cave in the side of a huge mountain. This was our camp. We left the prey in the middle of the cave and each went their own way. I stayed in the middle, admiring our camp.
To the left there were the kids cave, specially made by rock pokemon to be safe. There also was the Grass and pshycic pokemon caves next to that, they were good at healing. The Thunder and water caves next to that.
At the front was the leaders cave, our current leader was a Charizard ( His name is Red). To the right of me was the rock,grass,phsycic, normal, and fire pokemon caves. There wasnt any other type of pokemon in the pack.
I went to the water cave and lay down near the back, the gentle running of the pond nearby. I was glad i wasnt a 1st evolution anymore!
I guess i should explain, the pokemon who havent evolved yet were trained by others of their type, when you hadnt evolved you would have to sleep in the front, with the cold air. That sure was bad for water pokemon. I fell asleep, thinking of today....

Chap 2- Masters orders
Evee Day 2

Today was probably the scariest of my life. I guess ill start from the beginning
Me and Storm were hunting at the edge of a lake when an enemy Pack leader comes out of of the undergrowth . ( Yes I said pack LEADER!) Me and Storm couldnt possibly have taken him on, It was a Marshstomp in full rage.
I used tackle, only to be held back by as waterfall of mud. I saw Storm Use Thunder, But Marshstomp barely looked as if it had been hit!
It used Hydro cannon and Threw Storm into the lake!
By that time i was u on my feet and angry, I used quick attack and this time dodged Marshstomps attacks. But Marshstomp just slapped me away like an annoying fly. It went on like this for a while until I was almost completely submerged in mud and Storm was nowhere to be seen.
" Why are you attacking us?" I asked before my mouth was covered
" Masters orders, Hehehehehe" The Marshstomp croaked.
Just then Grovile ( Or leaf) came out of a tree and used vine whip, driving Marshstomp away.
" Hang in there Evee!" Leaf shouted. Evee knew Leaf was the second most powerful in the pack but it looked as if he was near to being overwhelmed.
Finally with a magical leaf to remember, he sent Marshstomp packing. Turning to Me he pulled me out of the mud and put me on a branch, then he began to search for Storm.
He hasnt come back yet, but now you know why. If anyone asks what im doing at midnight, with mud in my fur, on a branch, you'll know

Chap 3

Storm Day 2

After the 15th blast into the lake i couldnt get up, so I sank slowly, ever so slowly towards the bottom.
I was just beginning to faint when a net fell from above. Trainers.... I thought faintly.
When the net captured me i was thrown back into reality. Using thunder I blasted myself and the trainers out of the water.
I remember the feeling o falling, but i dont remember the feeling of hitting the ground

I woke up on a mountain, not the mountain of the beach but one at least three times bigger.
" Yore awake finally" A voice sounded from behind him. He tried to get up, but he realized he had paralized himself in the blast, He couldnt move!
The owner of the voice stepped into view. " Are you okay" The voice belonged to a Prinplup " Im Ice, you?"
" Srtormmm" Storms voice was strange, he could barely control his voice.
Ice laughed at his voice " you sound as if youre mouth is half full!" She said
" Hrey! Hats Nrot fnny" His voice sounded even worse then before, and for the sake of his dignity, he decided to be quiet."

Chap. 4
Floatzel Day 2, night

Where is Evee? Shes been gone since midday, so has Leaf and Storm! I can see Charizard pacing nervously until now! I hope hes okay.
Anyway, im planning to sneak out a soon as Charizard goes to sleep. Storm and Evee are my best friends, they already took Shock, their not getting another!
Anyway, Charizards asleep now, see you!

I have good news and bad news, youll see why.
What i found in the forest was not encouraging. I came to a place with mud splashed about, what worried me was that there were Marshstomp tracks. I saw a pawprint that might have been Evee's but i couldnt be sure until-
" Floatzel, over here!" I turned to see a miserable looking Evee on a branch "ill tell you later, just help!"
"Okay, hold on to something though!" I warned. Nodding Evee sunk her claws into the branch. I used water gun on the branch, the water threw Evee onto the ground but The water cusioned her fall.
"T-thank you" She said before blacking out in exhaustion.
I looked around some more, but Storm was nowhere to be seen. I headed to the cave, waking Evee.
Yep bad news.

Special chapter 1
Shock Day 4

It was cold, so very cold. That was all i thought for the very first hours. I was encased in a sphere-like cage. I felt smaller then usual and there was nothing to eat. I was miserable, i spent most of my day walking around.
Yep thats what happend a month ago. Now Im a Trained pokemon, fighting for gym badges. Though i do miss my old life and wish to go back to it, i cant say this is a bad life.
My first trainer was mean he trained me too hard, then one day, i was traded off to a kid. By this time i was a Luxio, Evolved out of so much pain and toil.
Me and my new trainer are on our 4th badge, only 4 more to go. I wont leave him, until then....

Ill add the rest later

The greatest warrior knows not only when to attack, but when to retreat as well.
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The Hidden Route
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