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 The Eternals, Ever-living

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The Eternals, Ever-living Empty
PostSubject: The Eternals, Ever-living   The Eternals, Ever-living I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 06, 2010 10:11 am

A Dark Force

A dark figure moved across a burning field towards what, from afar, looked like a swarm of wasps. The figure pushed its way through ironclad warriors and monsters. At the center of the horrific army was a small camp. It was a small stone house that had been hastily put together. The stones were painted black and servants were bustling around.
“My Lord” the man said as he finally entered the building. A tall strong warrior sat on a throne that was made of the same black material as outside. “I bring word of the Eternals”
The kingly figure shifted in his seat “What is it Fernough” (Pronounced Fern-O-h)
“The group you sent to eliminate the last of the Eternals was overcome; they left me alive to deliver a message…..”Fernough trailed off.
“Well?” the man prompted “What is it?”
“Th-they said to tell Ernet that they can’t be beaten by fear” ( Ernet pronounced N-Airt)
Ernet grinned savagely “That’s all? I can see this won’t be the last battle….”
Fernough nodded “It hasn’t been the first either.” He commented
“Now go warn my elite forces of this, we must be prepared.” Enert said slowly in his deep booming voice. Fernaugh nodding darted out of the Bringer kings presence. “You’re in for a surprise, Eternals….” He laughed as he lay back in his chair.
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The Eternals, Ever-living
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