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 Rules! Follow them or else....

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PostSubject: Rules! Follow them or else....   Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:35 am

There will be no cussing or swearing on this forum! I will allow only as much as the C word. No posting gross pictures and stuff. Don't make gross posts about inappropriate Subjects! Don't be mean or insulting to other people on the forums for their religion or personal beliefs . Do not talk about illegal things and/or drugs. Don't go around saying: "Can i pls be mod i be so appy if i mod." Or things like that,cause i won't make you one if you do. No scamming or inappropriate PMing, if you see any bad Pming forward it to me. DO NOT! Give out your personal information or ask someone for personal information, doing this will get you banned with no warning. No posts under 3 words. Another important rule:Keep the Lolspeak mild...I will allow some of it, but please keep it understandable... Oh and don't think just cause i'm an admin, I'm a serious scary person, I can still have fun with the rest of you on these forums (But don't think you can get away with breaking the rules just cause you're my friend!)

Well thats about it so, HAVE FUN!
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Rules! Follow them or else....
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