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 Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!

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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Empty
PostSubject: Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!   Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 30, 2010 2:30 am

Chapter 1:

Oceanpaw was sitting next to an enormous fresh kill pile and was eating all that he liked. As he reached for another rabbit, all of the sudden he felt a paw poke his side, waking him from his peaceful dream.

"Get up! Rustlefur and Rabbitspeed are going to asses us! Today is our day to show that we are finally ready to become warriors" his denmate, Streampaw said with glee. Oceanpaw simply moaned to Streampaw. Streampaw darted out of the Apprentice's den. Oceanpaw got up and yawned, and decided to leave his warm, mossy bedding, and head over to the thorn tunnel where his mentor, Rustlefur, and Rabbitspeed was waiting.

"Who knows what trouble that furball got in this time." Rabbitspeed muttered as the group waited for Streampaw. All of the sudden he saw Streampaw streaking through the Windclan camp.

"What happened? You look like Riverclan came to say that they were sorry for attacking the dawn patrol!" Rabbitspeed joked.

"Birdcall's kits have been born!" Streampaw blurted out.

"Where are they?" Rustlefur exclaimed with a glimmer of pride in his eyes. Oceanpaw could see why Rustlefur was so concerned, he was Birdcall's mate after all.

"Birdcall and the kits are just inside the nursery. You should head over there!"

Oceanpaw sighed.

" I guess this delays my assessment by another day." In the past quarter moon Rustlefur had been recovering in the medicine cat's den due to a meet with a hostile Riverclan border patrol. Half the clan was scared that Rustlefur wasn't going to make it through the gruesome fight, but yesterday the medicine cat, Stargaze, had let Rustlefur finally go back to his normal warrior duties. Rabbitspeed sighed and walked back to the warrior's den, Oceanpaw copied, except he headed towards the apprentices den to get some more sleep. Once he was finally on his moss bedding, he yawned, and then drifted off to sleep. When Oceanpaw opened his eyes he was next to the stream that was the border between Windclan and Thunderclan. He heard a rustle from the bushes and saw Bluish gray she-cat emerge from the bushes.

"Who are you?" Oceanpaw whispered.

"I am Stripedpelt." the cat answered back."Starclan has a very important message for you."

"What is it?" Oceanpaw asked with a suprised look.

"When the clans are tainted with scarlet, two mentors and two appretices, bound by destiny, will have the future of the clan laid in out front of them."

"Huh? Tell me who the cats are? What do you mean?" Oceanpaw asked but Stripedpelt had already disappeared back and into the forest on Thunderclan territory.

Chapter 2:

"Awww how cute." Streampaw whispered. Three kits were sleeping at their mothers flank. Rustlefur licked Birdcall's muzzle as she drifted off into a deep sleep. Rustlefur got up and padded out of the nursery. Breathing in the sweet milky scent she followed Rustlefur. He looked as if he was about to burst with pride. Streampaw would have been content, but a dream that she had last night was bugging her. " When the clans are tainted with scarlet, two mentors and two appretices, bound by destiny, will have the future of the clan laid in out front of them." She thought about asking Stargaze about it, but for some reason she felt like she should take care of this alone. Robinstar's yowl broke into her thoughts

"All cats old enough to catch their own prey will gather beneath TallCliff for a meeting!"

All cats stopped what they were doing and padded toward Tall Cliff. Streampaw seated herself next to her friend Bushpaw.

"I think they are giving Brownpaw and Skypaw their warrior names!" Bushpaw whispered.

Streampaw let out a snort. She despised the two bossy apprentices, but Bushpaw admired Brownpaw and was always praising him for his hunting skills. All of the sudden a yowl broke out from the thorn tunnel.

"Robinstar!" Redclaw shouted. "Riverclan....invading.." the flame colored warrior panted.

"Streampaw, Oceanpaw, Rabbitspeed, and Rustlefur. Head out toward the border and see what you can do to help out...hurry!" Robinstar said. Streampaw could see why he was concerned.Robinstar's kit, Gustpaw was with the border patrol The four cats met up, went through the thorny tunnel, and raced across the moor to the border. Once they reached the border he could see the struggle between the 2 clans. Blood was spattered all over the ground. As she and the other three cats jumped in the fight Stripepelt's prophecy echoed in her mind "When the clans are tainted with blood..."

Chapter 3:

Oceanpaw jumped into the tussle between the 2 clans. He glanced around to see who needed help. Then he spotted the Riverclan deputy, Wavetail pinning a Windclan warrior, Grasspelt to the ground. Just as it seemed like Grasspelt was going to go from a loyal Windclan cat to a starry Starclan warrior, Oceanpaw leaped at Wavetail and raked his claws across his flank. Wavetail hissed in anger, and then leaped at Oceanpaw, but Wavetail had no idea that Oceanpaw was the probably the fastest cat in all the clans, so Oceanpaw easily dodged and Wavetail landed clumsily on the ground. Seizing his chance, Oceanpaw jumped at him, but Wavetail kicked at him with his hind legs sending Oceanpaw flying back across the grassland. Wavetail jumped back on Oceanpaw and bit at the apprentice's throat. Wincing in pain, Oceanpaw managed to roll over, and then pounce on Wavetail.

"Thought you had won? Think again" taunted Oceanpaw as he raked his claws down Wavetail's ear,leaving a bleeding wound.

"Get off!" Wavetail pleaded. Oceanpaw pulled away and watched in triumph, as the deputy ran across the grassland back to his territory.

"Oceanpaw!" yowled a voice from behind them. Oceanpaw turned around and saw that Rustlefur was sturggling with another Riverclan cat.

"Go tell Robinstar that we need more cats!"

Oceanpaw nodded.

"Well what are you waiting for get back to camp NOW!" Oceanpaw raced across the grasslands back to his camp. After he was through the thorn tunnel he yowled; "Robinstar! we need more cats!"

"Ok Skypaw,Iceheart,Brownpaw, and Crowcall, Head towards to border with Oceanpaw." Robinstar ordered calmly.Together with the 4 cats Robinstar had called, Oceanpaw raced toward the border, and saw that Rustlefur and Rabbitspeed were still fighting them off, but to his dismay he could not spot the grayish blue pelt of Streampaw. Oceanpaw raced around the area searching for her. Eventually he came a cross a path of blood heading through Windclan territory. Oceanpaw followed it quickly, but cautiouly until at last he found Streampaw lying on the floor with a small pool of blood around her.

"Streampaw!?" Oceanpaw called out at her, but she was unconscious and couldn't respond."No not Streampaw!" Oceanpaw thought as he raced back toward the border. He arrived just in time to see the last Riverclan warrior be driven off back to their territory.

"Rabbitspeed! Rustlefur! Streampaw is lying unconscious on the border near horseplace! Hurry come here! We have to get her back to Stargaze as quickly as possible."

Rustlefur and Rabbitspeed followed Oceanpaw until at last they were at where he had found Streampaw. Rustlefur together with Rabbitspeed picked her up and began to run as fast as they could across the territory. Once they had reached the camp the group rushed her into Stargaze's den and quickly told her." Stargaze! Streampaw was heavily injured by a Riverclan warrior in the fight!"

Stargaze gave a worried look.

"Rustlefur get me as much cobweb as you can, we have to stop the bleeding first" Mewed Stargaze. Once he had left Oceanpaw padded up to Stargaze.

"Will she be okay?" Oceanpaw asked.

"Only time will tell, she is in the hands of Starclan now." She mewed.

Chapter 4 Part 1:

Streampaw opened her eyes to unfamiliar surroundings. She was on a sandy shore next to a stream that flowed out into the ocean. Behind her a rabbit rustled the leaves in the undergrowth.

"A...Am I in Starclan?" Streampaw murmured silently.

"Not yet, young one." A familiar voice mewed behind her. Streampaw turned around, but Stripedpelt had already disappeared. Streampaw opened her eyes, but this time she saw the stone of Stargaze's den. Stargaze burst through the den's entrance.

"Streampaw! You woke up!" Stargaze said in shock.

"Ugh, what happened? All i remember is a RIverclan warrior jumped on me and then blacked out." She told Stargaze.

"Well, that Riverclan warrior almost killed you." Stargaze said in a matter-of-fact voice. Streampaw ignored her, and focused on her dream. She couldn't help, but thinking about the place she was in. The stream, the ocean, the rabbit rustling the leaves. She had never seen that place before yet she felt it was very important. She thought about it for a while, and then she realized something."Could the stream resemble be..Me?" she thought. "Why did Starclan always have to be so mysterious?" she thought as she drifted off to sleep

Chapter 4 part 2:

Oceanpaw was thinking about his last dream in the apprentice's den. "Hmm, The stream, the ocean, and the rabbit rustling the leaves". Oceanpaw was thinking. Then it hit him. Starclan was showing him this because he was the ocean and the stream must have been Streampaw, but what does it mean?" Thought Oceanpaw. A yowl from Robinstar broke into his thought called everyone to Tallcliff. To his delight he could see Streampaw amongst the crowd of cats.

"Cats of Windclan. It is time to do something that was interrupted with violence. Brownpaw! Skypaw! Approach the Tallciff. I Robinstar, leader of Windclan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on these two apprentices. They have trained hard to learn the ways of your noble code and i commend them to you as warriors in their turn. Brownpaw,Skypaw. Do you promise to uphold the warrior code and defend your clan even at the cost of your life?" Firestar mewed

"I do" Brownpaw, and Skypaw said, trying to hide their excitement.

"Then by the powers of Starclan I give you your warrior names. Brownpaw, from this moment on you will be known has Brownfur. Skypaw, from this moment on you will be known as Skyclaw The clan chanted their new warrior names. Oceanpaw merely stared and once the cermony was over he padded over to the medicine cat's den.

Chapter 5:

Streampaw yawned as she got up from her bedding. Rabbitspeed was waiting for her outside of the apprentices den.

"Dawn patrol?" Streampaw asked. Rabbitspeed nodded and motioned for her to come to the tunnel. Once she had squeezed through the tunnel and out onto main territory, Rabbitspeed, Streampaw,Rustlefur,Oceanpaw, and Brownfur padded to the border with Thunderclan. She glanced at Oceanpaw, and then she remebered the place where the stream met the ocean. "Clearly, Starclan is trying to tell me something about me and him, but what!" Streampaw thought as they were patrolling the border. All of the sudden Streampaw heard a squeal, as he saw a small ball of fur fall into the stream in front of her."A Thunderclan kit!" Streampaw realized in alarm. She hated gettiing her paws wet, but a kit in need was a kit in need so she plunged into the cold water. For a while she trashed around, but then she gained balance and looked around for the kit. She heard a squeal coming from downstream, and looked to see the kit being carried to the lake. Then horror struck. Streampaw watched as the kit, made an attempt to stay above the surface, but it's efforts were in vain, and it sank beaneath the stream. Streampaw relaxed and let the current carry her towards the lake. Once she reached the spot where the kit had went under, Streampaw dived beneath the surface. She felt around the bottom, until she felt a small fuzzy shape. "The kit!" Streampaw realized in relief. She grasped its neck fur and brought it to the surface. Streampaw recognized the kit as Fuzzyfur's kit, Rainkit. For a heartbeat Streampaw thought she had been too late, but she felt the kits short shallow breathing, and she relaxed. She swam to the opposite side of the stream. All of the sudden Fuzzyfur and a few other warriors burst through the undergrowth in front of her. Streampaw collapsed through the ground, exhausted.

"My kit!" Fuzzyfur exclaimed. The tortiseshell queen looked up at Streampaw in gratefulness.

"Thunderclan owes you." One of the other warriors said flatly.

"Oh thank Starclan!Rainkit,don't ever do that again!" Fuzzyfur said sharply. When Rainkit didnt respond, Fuzzyfur's face flashed with worry.

"She's dead! My kit is dead!" She said worriedly, even though the kit was still breathing short, shallow breaths.

"We'll take it from here." A warrior Streampaw recognized, as Wildpelt said, as the Thundercln cats padded back toward their camp. The rest of the patrol Streampaw had been with burst from the bramble's on the Windclan side.

"Streampaw where have you been!" Rabbitspeed shouted with anger.

"Saving a kit! So you don't need to treat me like one!" Streampaw shouted back.

"Oh, sorry" Rabbitspeed answered, looking sorry.

"Sorry catches no prey!" Streampaw said sternly, but with a hint of amusement, to show that she had acknowledged his apology.

After renewing the scent markers, the group padded back to the camp, to report to Robinstar. As Streampaw made her way to the apprentices den, all of the sudden she started to see some a Thunderclan warrior stained with blood. The vision disappeared and then Streampaw knew what she had to do. She dashed to Robinstar's den.

"Robinstar!Thunderclan is in trouble!" She warned.

Chapter 6:

"Oceanpaw,Streampaw,Rustlefur,Snowsong,Forestwhisper,Shadowsong, Rainfall, and Stargaze will be attending the gathering tonight" Robinstar mewed, perched on top of high cliff. He flicked his tail dismissively and padded back into his den. Oceanpaw's mind was racing, with excitement. I wonder what a gathering is like! he thought in fear and anticipation. His mentor's call broke into his thoughts.

"Oceanpaw, do you want to come on a border patrol with Me, Shadowsong,And Rabbitspeed? We can't let any of the clan's think we are weak just because a few cats have whitecough!" HIs mentor called from across the clearing.

"Sure-" He stopped as a cranky, elderly brown tabby,Brackenleaf emerged from the elder's den.

"Great Starclan! Can anyone get one minute of sleep out here!"She scolded."Young cats these days." He muttered before disappearing through the branches, into the den. Rustlefur shifted his paw's and licked his chest fur in embarrassment of disturbing an elder. He padded over to the warrior's den to get Shadowsong and Rabbitspeed. After what seemed like moons Rustlefur emerged from the den with the 2 warriors. The group of 4 was heading out through the thorn tunnel when Oceanpaw heard his,

"Bring Gustpaw and Forestwhisper too. If you meet a hostile Riverclan border patrol, you might need support." Forestwhisper and her apprentice Gustpaw reluctantly padded toward the group.

After a long walk across the border they had renewed the scent markers and were padding back, when Oceanpaw scented Riverclan. Then as he expected, a group of Riverclan warriors and a scared looking apprentice emerged from the bushes.

"I wonder why Windclan is increasing their size of border patrols?" One of them sneered.

"Probably because they are so scared!" Another one snorted.Oceanpaw unsheathed his claws, ready to attack when Shadowsong stepped in front of him.

"Oceanpaw! Now's not the time for a fight! Don't forget there's a gathering tonight!" Shadowsong warned him. Oceanpaw gave one last snarl and padded away with his patrol and he heard,

"Come on Mallowpaw, Let's get away from these mouse-brains" One of the Riverclan warriors mewed as he nudged Mallowpaw back to the territory. Mallowpaw gave one longing glance and Oceanpaw and then disappeared behind some bracken.

When the patrol had finally returned,Robinstar was already gathering up the cats to go to the gathering when Oceanpaw heard a noise coming from the thorn tunnel. Out of it emerged a familiar light-gray and white she-cat.

Oceanpaw stared in disbelief. Is she trying to attack? Oceanpaw thought. Robinstar padded forward calmly and asked,

"Why are you here?,young one." Robinstar questioned.

"I...I have come to join Windclan" She stuttered. Challenging yowls rose from the selected cats to go to the gathering and now some warriors had heard the commotion from their dens and soon the whole clan was standing behind Robinstar.

"Why would you do such a thing?" Robinstar asked the apprentice.

"Riverclan's violent attitude doesn't suit me." She said confidently.

"Very well then,Windclan will take you in for now, and in one quarter moon you will have to make your decision,on whether to stay here permanently or go back to Riverclan.Rainfall will be your mentor for the time being." Robinstar mewed and he disappeared over towards his den. Oceanpaw noticed Streampaw racing toward him. Mallowpaw nodded her head and Rainfall came to show her to the apprentice's den.

"Can you believe she's doing something like that?" Streampaw whispered to him.

"It might seem kind of mouse-brained, but looking at Riverclan? It was a kinda smart decision." Oceanpaw answered

Chapter 7:

"How do you know Thunderclan is in trouble?" Robinstar mewed curiously.

"I...I had a vision." Streampaw stuttered.

"You want us to go to Thunderclan territory because of a vision?" Robinstar argued

"But this vision was-" Streampaw started.

"No! We will not go! We have no time, the gathering is starting soon." Robinstar stated. He flicked his tail in dismissal and proceeded out of his den.

Streampaw sighed. Robinstar would never listen to the pleas of a mere apprentice! Thought Streampaw in anger as she padded towards the group that was going to the gathering. Robinstar motioned for them to follow him, and the group began to run across the moorland. Before long,Streampaw and the group were standing beside the oak bridge that led to the island.

"Easy does it,Apprentices." Shadowsong mewed. Streampaw supressed a hiss of anger directed towards the newly made warrior. At last when it was her turn, she jumped on top of the brown trunk and sunk her claws deep within the trunk, to make sure she didn't fall off. Streampaw breathed a sigh of relief when she jumped onto solid ground. She ran ahead with her group and burst out into a clearing filled with cats discussing prey and boasting about feats they had done. Streampaw stared in amazement, but then she realized something. She scanned the clearing, she saw Riverclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan, but no Thunderclan."I was right!" She thought. "Something has happened to Thunderclan." She thought. All of the sudden a Thunderclan warrior covered in blood burst through the undergrowth behind her.

"Help....Help..." The warrior mewed as he collapsed into the clearing. Streampaw stared in horror. Yowls of battle rose from all the clan's except Riverclan,who were reluctant to help, but where anxious for action so they unsheathed their claws. All of the clans dashed through the island, almost running over Streampaw, but she managed to catch up. The three clan's rushed across Riverclan territory, and through Shadowclan territory, until after what seemed like moons, they were standing on the border between Shadowclan and Thunderclan. There was a stentch of blood and an unexplainable tension in the air. The huge group proceeded through the Thunderclan undergrowth.

"Yuck." Streampaw said, as she stepped through the mushy undergrowth. At last, the group burst into the stone hollow, that was the Thunderclan camp. All of the rocky floor was covered in blood and a few cats lay on the floor their flanks heaving in exhaustion.

"What happened here?" Streampaw mewed in terror. A group of five warriors, i emerged from the shadows.

"We are the only ones that were not gravely injured by It." The warriors mewed.

"What is It?" Robinstar mewed. The warriors hesitated and their eyes clouded with sadness which then changed to anger.

"If you must know, It is a pack of strange grayish dogs,but not one, a whole pack of 5 blood thirsty howling dogs came at us, we suspect they've moved in near the abandoned twoleg place and something attracted them here." One of the warriors explained. Streampaw was still staring at the devastation, and she heard one of the Riverclan warriors snort;

"Why should we care about other clan's troubles." He challenged.

"Because, there have always been four clans at the lake and we can't let that become three,and then the dogs might even come for us, and then what? You saw what they did to ThunderClan,what if this had been your camp?" Robinstar answered the rude warrior. The warrior hissed at him and backed up to his clanmates. Streampaw spotted Stargaze standing motionless in front of the camp.

"Something very grave is coming...." Streampaw heard her whisper.Is Starclan trying to tell us the clans around the lake will be destroyed by this new threat? Thought Streampaw in horror.

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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!   Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 01, 2010 9:53 am

Its not that bad is it...
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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!   Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2010 10:04 am

*Testing Signature*

Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Dragonanimated_367706Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! SXCkOceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! IeMM Epicness comes at a price
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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!   Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 08, 2010 1:35 pm

I like it! You should write more!
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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!   Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic! I_icon_minitime

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Oceanpaw and Streampaw's Prophecy,yet another Warriors fanfic!
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